10 Mistakes that Proved to be the Most Expensive in World’s History

1. The fall of an apartment building:

Lotus Riverside, a residential complex in Shanghai contained 11 high rises. Suddenly one morning, one of the buildings collapsed, which was a 13-storey tower. Luckily, it didn’t hit any of the other buildings and saved from a lot of damage. Poor quality foundation and non-compliance with the construction standards is what caused this collapse.


2. The sale of Apple shares:

One of the founders of Apple, Ronald Wayne created the company’s first logo and also wrote a manual for the Apple I. Surprisingly, he sold 10% of his shareholding for $800. This was mostly because he had enough assets to withdraw if in case his company went bankrupt. He could have easily been a billionaire today!


3. The collapsed section of a bridge:

The bridge over the Han River is Seoul notoriously collapsed in 1994 during a rush hour. The mid section of the bridge was unable to withstand the load and as a result fell into the river with the minibuses, cars, and a bus which was fully loaded. The poorly welded steel structure that were functioning as support for the plates were blamed for the crash.