10 Pet Animals Who Ate Their Owners

#1 The Bad Dog or the Hungry Dog?

Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend. This is not always the case. The police in Liverpool entered the home of a person who they believed had died. When they entered the home, they found Buster, a Bull Terrier in a very agitated state. At first, the police thought that the dog was upset because his owner had died. What the police quickly discovered was that the dog had been eating his owner’s flesh for a few days before they were discovered. The police investigation showed no proof that Buster killed his owner, but they didn’t know what to do with the dog after.

#2 A Hungry Pack

If one dog eating his owner’s flesh after he died, a pack of dogs is even worse. A man named Andre Lumboga had been away from home for two weeks. When he got home, his 7 dogs were very happy to see him. While Andre was gone, his dogs had been starving for a few days. The dogs attacked Andre, and they devoured him after. When his neighbor went into Andre’s home to investigate, he found Andre’s remains spread all over the house.

#3 The Hungry Cats

Most cats are very independent. They wash themselves, they play well by themselves, and they will also have no problem feasting on their owner if they pass away. This is exactly what happened to Janet Veal. When her neighbors hadn’t seen her coming or going fro a few weeks, they called the police to ask them to check on her. When the police entered her home, she was dead. What was more disturbing is that her cats were eating her dead body. Apparently, after the cats’ food ran out, and they needed to find food elsewhere.

#4 Hamster Homicide

Hamsters are small, adorable, and they spend most of their lives in cages. Hamsters are also known to eat each other. According to a forensic study, a 43-year-old woman was found dead in her home with her pet hamster. The woman’s autopsy and the investigation into her death were very disturbing. For starters, the woman had tiny teeth holes all over her body. Even worse, the hamster’s burrow was decorated with fat, skin, and the woman’s muscular tissue.

#5 Hungry, Hungry Lizard

A man named Ronald Huff loved exotic pets. He didn’t want to get a dog, so he decided to get 7 monitor lizards. After Huff’s parents hadn’t been from him for a few days, they called the police and asked them to check up on him. When the police arrived, they found what was left of Huff’s body on the floor. The lizards got very hungry, and they saw their owner as their only chance for food.

#6 Hungry, Hungry Hippo

When you think about having a hippo as a pet, it probably sounds like a pretty bad idea. Not only are they huge, but they are also loud and moody. Also, when they get big, you need to make sure that they are always fed. A farmer in South Africa named Marius Els found out that hippos make bad pets the hard way. He kept a pet hippo on his farm for years, even though everyone told him that it would be a bad idea. One day, his body was found floating in the river. He had been thoroughly chewed up by the hippo.

#7 The Deadly Burmese Python

Most people who own exotic snakes say that they get a bad rap in the media, but they are actually really good pets. Grant Williams was on of these people. He owned a 13 foot Burmese Python. When his neighbors went into his home to check on him, they found the snake completely wrapped around his dead body. According to experts, the snake smelled chicken, and it immediately went into feeding mode. The snake confused the man for food and acted out his regular eating instinct.

#8 Ferret Felony

There are millions of people who have ferrets for pets. They also have very sharp teeth. One morning, a family in Missouri was woken up by the sound of their baby crying. The baby’s parents thought that the baby was crying because he was hungry or because his diaper was wet. When they went into the room, they were shocked. Their pet ferret had eaten 7 of the fingers off of their baby’s hands. The ferret was put down and the baby was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

#9 A Pig’s Meal

One day, a man named Terry Vance Garner went out to feed his pigs, just like he did every day. When di didn’t come back to the house after, his family began to worry. They knew that something had to be wrong. When the family went to search for Terry, they found his remains scattered all over the pig pen. While domestic pig attacks are rare, they can happen. The theory is that Terry had a heart attack while feeding the pigs, and they started to consume his body.

#10 The Attack of the Exotic Pets

This is by far the most disturbing example of pet animals who ate their owners. A German man named Mark Voegel loved exotic pets. One day, when his army of pets escaped their cages, Mark’s nightmare began. The authorities believed that his pet, black widow spider named Bettina was the one who actually killed him. When the police arrived at his home, they found his body covered in spider webs, and there were spiders running in and out of his mouth and nose. His body was also being feasted on by his pet termites. There were also several reptiles walking around his home.