15 Amazing Facts that Will Drive You Mad

1. The small bumps on the F and J buttons are there to help you find the optimum typing position:

What we think: What do these ridges one the F and J keys do? Helping the blind people type?

Reality: While typing, we cover the buttons A, S, D, and F with our fingers of the left hand, and J, K, and L keys with the right hand. These ridges are in place to help us place our hands on the keyboard without looking at the keyboard. Both our index fingers should be placed on the F and J keys.



2. Chameleons don’t change color to blend into their surroundings:

What we think: Chameleons change color only when they sense danger tin order to blend in with the objects surrounding them, and becoming invisible.

Reality: The color change of the skin of this animal is because of it’s psychological and emotional state. It is also used as an original way of communicating with others of their kind. How chameleons looks also depends on the light and temperature.



3. Ducks mustn’t be fed with bread:

What we think: Sitting on the riverbank on a bright sunny day while feeding bread crumbs to the ducks is so nice.

Reality: Bread crumbs are not only unhealthy but also dangerous for the ducks. Birds tend to like the taste of the bread, but it doesn’t carry any nutritional value for the birds. They end up stuffing their stomachs full with crumbs, which leaves no room for anything rich and healthy. A wing deformity called the “angel wing” or “airplane wing” is also caused by this diet.