15 Fascinating Things About China that Will Leave You Spellbound

1. Feeders for Ladybugs:

These weird looking structures made of paper are soaked in special substances which are intended to attract ladybugs, drawing them to the greenhouses and gardens in order to get rid of plant lice.


2. Mosquito -breeding factories:

China is in itself the world’s largest factory for breeding mosquitoes. It produces over 20 million mosquitoes a week for fighting the dengue fever. Male mosquitoes infected by the scientists with a special bacteria which makes them infertile, and they are then set to free in order to infect the female mosquitoes as well, so as to control the future offspring.


3. Wearing pajamas outside is perfectly fine:

It is turning out to be a new trend of the street fashion. Irrespective of their age, the Chinese wear pajamas to the store, to a cafe with friends, or even for a walk.