15 Proofs that Life is Totally Difficult in Japan

1. They hide distress under a smile:

Many tourists in Japan are often mistaken by the smile of the people there. Japan observes a high suicide rate (primary reason being losing a job), and the number of lonely people is on an all time high. But the Japanese believe that any distress should be hidden behind a smile. They even have a proverb for it that says, “Smile while you suffer inside“. Japanese children are taught from their birth to not ruin the social harmony with their mood.


2. Japanese work addiction is possible only in Japan:

Changing jobs is not traditional for the Japanese people. It is theoretically perfect in Japan if one starts working for a company at a young age and keep working there for the rest of their life. The colleagues collectively become the second family, as the Japanese work nearly 12-15 hours a day. If the colleagues of an employee are still working in the company, he/she will be too shy to leave the company. There is also a special term called karoshi, which denotes dying because of overwork.


3. Seeing drunken people on the sidewalk is not unusual:

Because the Japanese lack the alcohol-splitting enzyme, alcohol is not at all good for them. Hence, it is normal if you see someone sleeping on the sidewalk. People also leave their unfinished bottle with their last name written on it in any restaurant, and it shall wait until their next visit there. A lot of Japanese people have stores of alcohol in different locations.