15 Proofs that Life is Totally Difficult in Japan

4. The whole family uses the same bathwater:

The modern apartments are equipped only with a shower unit. The bath is installed only in the country houses. And because of the high prices of the water supply, it a luxury to have a bath. Japanese mostly have a bath to only relax, and it is necessary for all the family members to shower before getting in. That is one of the reasons for the bathwater remaining clean.


5. In Japan, it is possible to adopt an adult:

There are a lot of things that the Japanese people do for their family’s sake and also in order to extend their family name, which makes it possible to adopt an adult in Japan. Some people even adopt their daughter’s husband, or even vice-versa. Th daughter’s husband can adopt her parents as well. By doing this, they distribute the inheritance to a much larger number of people, hence saving a lot of taxes.


6. Streets don’t have names, only numbers:

A location in Japan is described in the following order, prefecture , city, district, section, house, and apartment. The first three details only are named, while the other three are simply indexed. In a district, the streets are indexed randomly. This can cause a difficulty in finding a house.

The months on the Japanese calendar too do not have names. They are indexed with the ordinal numbers.