5 Most Common Food Combinations that Will Ruin Your Health

1. Dairy & Pineapple:

Sour fruits play a role in slowing your digestion, especially during the morning hours. Also, pineapple consists of an enzyme called bromelain, which causes intoxication on combination with dairy products.

Tip: Instead of pineapple, use plums or dry apricots.


2. Sandwich & Coffee:

Whenever we’re running, we look for a quick breakfast as a solution. By including cheese sandwiches and coffee together in the breakfast, we are running away from the healthy properties of cheese. There are simple carbohydrates present in the bread which prevent the proper digestion of calcium and also stops the help to our nervous and cardiovascular systems. Moreover, adding instant coffee will do no good to the health at all.

Tip: If you’re too fond of cheese sandwiches, you can replace coffee with white or green tea.


3. Tomatoes & Cucumbers:

This combination is very popular among summer salad fans. But recently it has been found in a research that a combination of these vegetables can actually disturb the biochemical pathways of the body. This can further cause swelling and excessive calcination, and the vitamins that these vegetables cannot be properly digested.

Tip: Always consume tomatoes and cucumbers separately. For instance, one day you can prepare a salad with greens and tomatoes, and on the other day you can make a salad with a cucumbers.



4. Beer & Nuts:

College going folks have a special craving for this combination. Everyone loves having the beer along with salty nuts. However, besides being unhealthy, foods with high salts can cause dehydration and increase the want for having another pint of beer.

Tip: Keep a glass of soda or water while drinking so as to avoid dehydration.


5. Milk & Banana:

Because of being nourishing and easy to prepare, this food combination is the most popular among health enthusiasts. However, it is believed by some nutritionists that fruits shall be consumed separately, especially sweet fruits. They have a tendency of staying inside the body for a longer period of time, hence also slowing down the digestion, especially when they are consumed along with another food. Same goes for milk. It has to be consumed separately.

Tip: Bananas should be consumed as a snack between major meals.