5 Most Dangerous Residencies in the World

1. Kalapana, Hawaii:

This placed has turned into a ghost town because of lava flowing from a volcano in 1986. After the incident, all access to the town were closed. But surprisingly as of 2010, there were 35 houses in Kalapana where people still live.



2. The Hanging Monastery, China:

Right near the sacred Mount Heng, this monastery was built in 491 into a cliff. It is known to combine the Taoists, Confucian, and the Buddhist altars. The steeps rock which acts as the back wall has a number of halls constructed along itself. The monastery is under protection since 1982 as a national monument of China.



3. Castellfollit de la Roca, Spain:

This is a small village situated in the Girona province. There is a rock which was formed thousands of years ago, upon which the village is located. The village tops on the basalt cliff, which rises up to a height of 50 meters and is one kilometer long. About 1000 people live in the village.