5 Secrets About the Food Industry You Didn’t Know

1. Honey:

The natural honey is usually transparent and has a uniform color. Honey of good quality tastes very sweet and it also has a very specific fragrance. You need to rub a drop of honey in between your fingers, and if it is absorbed easily by the skin, the honey is good.


2. Bread:

Fresh bread is never supposed to be hard. So it is advisable to touch it before buying. It has to be noted that plastic bags let the bread to stay fresh for a longer period of time. However in such packaging, the bread loses it’s taste in just a couple of hours.


3. Ice-cream:

One should always read the contents of the ice cream they have. It is very rare for a berry flavored ice cream to be natural. Hence, it would be better to go for ice creams with only candied fruit, gumdrops, or nuts. Popsicles are never made of natural ingredients.