Have a Look at the 15 Mysteries of the Planet Which Prove that the Earth Has Many More Surprises

1. A Dancing Forest:

A forest situated in Russia is widely known for it’s strangely bent trees, and this phenomenon is yet to be understood by the scientists. There is a belief among some people that the reason behind this is parasites, while some say it is the strong sea winds. Some people from the old times say that this place is haunted.


2. The Baltic Sea Anomaly:

Right at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, a very strange object looking like a UFO was found. It’s origins have not been determined by the scientists. It isn’t a spaceships since it is made of basalt. Various theories say that it has been caused by a glacier meltdown or even a secret Nazi military facility from the World War II.


3. An Antarctic volcano and it’s snow pipes:

Mount Erebus is one of the most active and biggest volcanoes in the Antarctic. The mount remains covered with the snow pipes which are made from the frozen steam which comes out of the fissures.