Have a Look at these 5 Great Tips to Identify Counterfeit Gadgets

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1. Pay attention to the material:

No matter what material, be it rubber, aluminum, or plastic, it can be of either qualities, low or high. It must be know that the popular brands do no save on material. One must make sure that the coverings of plastic should be smooth, void of any seams or any other imperfections. The counterfeit one will apparently have cheap plastic with irregular surfaces and matte shades.


2. Take a look at the fonts:

The identity of any brand is it’s logo, and it needs to be looked closely. The logos are made so as to avoid any sort of tampering with it. Even after using for years, the logo shall remain intact.

Make sure that all the symbols and fonts on the gadget should be readable, smooth, and durable. The fake devices will always have something wrong about the name of the manufacturer or will lack it.


3. Check the Charger:

Any charger should be optimized for using in the appropriate country of the user. The European users should have a special block for the sockets of Europe. If the user is asked to purchase an adapter, or a separate charger, something’s wrong.

The branded chargers will be void of any seam between the plastic parts of different colors, something that will be found in the fake ones. The users must remember that the brands are responsible for the safety of the users while using the devices. This is the reason why the original chargers won’t come without neat metal tips with high quality insulation and finish.



4. Take a closer look at wires and plugs:

The most obvious indication of the counterfeit gadgets is the quality of the wire. The original products will have plugged-in cables which sit firmly and evenly, while the fake one’s will have those with incorrect angles and also loose parts. In some cases, the plug length won’t coincide with the socket depth.

Not to forget, the insulation quality and the symbols on the cable too are important. It should have flexible wire and even color, and the markings must not be erasable.


5. Check the Packaging:

Manufacturers of counterfeit products heavily neglect the design of the package. Official retailers will never fail to take care of even the most minute details of the design and the packaging of their goods.

The print quality on the package must be looked closely, the fonts on it should be clear enough to read and consistent everywhere. It must be made sure that nothing is loose inside the package. Manufactures make sure that the products are fixed in well enough in such a way that they not get damaged during the transportation. Even the small areas like the seams and the corners of the packaging film should be untarnished.

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