Here are the 10 Best Professional Secrets for Great Smartphone Photography

1. Hands-free Selfies:

Taking selfies with many people at once is never easy. At least one person will be out of the frame, or the picture will be obstructed by your hand in between. There’s a very easy solution to this.

What to do: All you need is a plastic card that is out of use, and make two bends on it. The bends should be such that the phone can be put into one of the bends quite steadily. The timer or a headset shutter button can be used to take the picture now.


2. A Little Earth:

There are plenty of applications you can use for adding multiple effects. For example, you can make a miniature Earth out of any shot with the RollWorld app.

What to do:
You just need to install the app, and upload any interesting picture you have clicked, like a panaroma shot. Customize the settings as per your needs, and you shall get a fantastic and unique photo.


3. Use a Reflector:

Sometimes the portrait shots lack additional lighting for more brightness and depth. You can use any reflective surface for this.

What to do: You can take any solar reflector or simply a plain tinfoil. With the help of the reflective material, the dark areas can brighten up and some glare can be added.