Here are the 10 Costliest Materials in the World

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1. Saffron, $11 per gram:

This is one of the most unique spices. It is an amazing combination of fantastic taste and great health benefits. Producing this takes enormous amount of effort and time, but no other spice matches the healing property and the flavor of saffron.


2. Gold, $56 per gram:

There is no woman on this planet that can supposedly do without this most popular precious metal. People from ancient times have been worshiping gold, and it is inevitably compared to all the beautiful things.


3. Rhodium, $58 per gram:

This extremely rare metal belongs to the platinum group. To sum it up, one ton of the earth’s surface contains nearly 0.001 gram of rhodium.




4. Platinum, $60 per gram:

Just like gold, this precious rare material having a silvery steel color is highly resistant to alkali, acids, and other compounds.


5. Methamphetamine, $100 per gram:

The protagonists of Breaking Bad are know for cooking this. It is illegal, and it is always advisable to stay away from it. Really!



7. Plutonium, $4000 per gram:

This metal having silvery white color is heavy yet very fragile. The uses of plutonium range from producing nuclear weapons and fuel to being a source of energy for spacecrafts.


8. Diamond, $55,000 per gram:

Know as the best friend of any lady, diamond is the most famous precious stones on Earth.


9. Californium, $25-27 million per gram:

Californium is considered to be the most expensive chemical element ever known. It’s synthesis has been done only once after it was discovered in 1950.


10. Antimatter, $62.5 trillion per gram:

Antimatter is undoubtedly the costliest substance on the planet. It takes nearly $25 million to produce one milligram of antimatter. Theories say that it might be useful in the future as fuel for spacecrafts. However, to produce one gram of it, the entire mankind will have to work for a year without stopping.

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