Here are the 10 Things that the Airline Employees Never Tell Their Passengers

1. The captain and co-pilot are fed differently:

This is done keeping in mind that if one of them gets food poisoning and cannot pilot the aircraft, the other one will substitute him. This doesn’t go for all the airlines though.


2. Why passengers are asked to turn off cell phones:

There is hardly any chance of a cellphone causing any malfunction of the airplane, it’s a myth. But it can still create static on the radio signal, which can make it difficult for the pilot to listen to the important information from the dispatcher. However, even the cabin crew often ignore this rule.


3. The lavatory door can be easily opened from the outside:

Under the “No Smoking” or “Lavatory” sign on the lavatory door, there is a hidden switch. This is specifically provided to open the lavatory door if someone gets locked up inside, not for disturbing someone’s privacy.