Here are the 10 Things that the Airline Employees Never Tell Their Passengers

4. When is it best to buy tickets:

It is a popular belief that tickets are the cheapest when bought earliest. It is not true at all, it seems so because cheaper tickets are bought first. But tickets are more cheaper than usual on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.


5. These runway numbers are important:

Ever thought why are there big numbers on the runway? They represent the angle to which the runway is from the magnetic north, rounded up to tens. This is to help the pilots know which grade to take.


6. Be polite, and you won’t regret:

It has been confessed by flight attendants that the more respects passengers show, the better they are served. Got a too little beef? Just ask politely, and you might as well get a filet mignon from the first class. Noisy person on the neighboring seat? Well if you put the matter politely, you might as well another seat. Want to know the football updates about your favorite match? You will be given if you ask for it nicely. Trouble making passengers will hardly get more service than they’re entitled to.