Here are the 10 Weirdest Prohibitions Around the World

1. Thailand, You shall bot step on money:

Well travelers of Thailand do have a law that they need to remember. They should take care before stepping on a coins or bills which have the portraits of venerable citizens of Thailand engraved on them.



2. Canada, You cannot pay only with a change:

If you’re in Canada, you ca;t take out coins from your savings and then buy something with it. The Canadian Government introduced a law in 1985 that prohibits the use of coins alone if the total price of the purchase goes beyond 10 dollars.



3. USA, Banned Kinder Surprise:

These cute little chocolate eggs are banned in the US right from when they appeared. The US laws doesn’t not allow any toy inside the food packaging in order to prevent the children choking on the small toy parts, and hence the ban.

The first Kinder was sold in the USA in 2013. These eggs can be sold on the condition that the toys inside them are large and made of a single part.