Here are the 5 Body Parts Which Seem Useless But Aren’t

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1. Hallux (responsible for balance):

Toe can also be called as Hallux. We should be thankful to hallux for preserving our balance when in the vertical position. Every time we take a step, it goes off the ground and also provides support to nearly 40% of our body weight.


2. Lip and tongue frenulum:

These are very important small folds that support the tongue and the upper lip. Our tongue can move in the desired direction only with the help of the frenulum, which also limits the movements of the tongue. It is found in some people that their frenulum is so small that they can barely speak.


3. Tragus (catches the sounds from behind):

Located at the external ear, this small gristle plays a major role in helping us hear sounds from behind and to define the source of the incoming sound in general. The reflections of the sounds to the internal ear strengthen the significant frequencies and also increases the overall sensitivity.



4. Span:

A lot of people are aware of this fact but not everyone is sure about it, we can use are fingers as measuring instruments as well. This length used to equal the distance between the thumb and a pointer in the ancient times. A span could be 7″ to 9″ long.


5. Levator labii superioris:

A lot of people might have noticed the part of the upper lip which is lifted in many pictures of King of Rock’n’Roll. This later on developed as his peculiar trademark. This muscle is simply known as the upper lip muscle (levator labii superioris). It is responsible for lifting the upper lip, and also deepens the nasolabial fold.

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