Here are the 5 Most Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

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1. Control your phone without touching it:

This gesture control app come stands out in many different situations because of the ease of access it provides, that is to use your phone without actually touching it. With just a wave of your hand, you can answer your calls, open the video and music players with no worries of your screen getting dirty, especially when you’re cleaning or cooking. It has never been so easy task to keep the smartphone screen nice and neat. Android and iOS versions of this app can be found.



2. Send texts from your PC:

Did you just run out of phone battery right when you were about to call your friend or a coworker? Well then, this app is made for you! It keeps your smartphone and your computer in sync, hence giving you the opportunity to manage SMS and MMS from your email. All the message which are linked with your phone number will be on the computer screen. What’s more? You’ll also find them in the text inbox of your phone. So you don’t lose anything!



3. Keep yourself safe:

If you are someone who comes home late in the evening and often feel unsafe on the streets, here is an app and will calms your nerves and help you deal with the potential danger. Apart from sending SOS messages to the chosen emergency contacts, it will also record audio and video, track the location of your GPS. It can also set a timer which send an alarm to friends and family if you fail to turn it off in time. You can also take an advantage of it during a bad date using the fake call option.



4. Drive safely:

While driving in the dark, if you want to keep your eyes in the road, this app will help you a lot. All you have to do is to keep your phone on the dashboard of your car, adjust the brightness settings on your phone, and then you will receive all the necessary information you need. You will get the speed of driving and also a GPS enabled map on your windshield. You will have to make sure that the brightness of your phone is bright enough so that you are able to see the projection clearly.



5. Test your remote control batteries:

If you are patient enough to not rush to the shop and see if the batteries of your remote control are dead, this is a trick that will save you a lot of time. All you need to do is to take your smartphone out and start the camera app. Now take your remote control, point it towards the camera of your smartphone, and press any button on it. When looking through the phone’s screen if you see a pinkish or red light coming from the remote control’s tip, it means that the infrared sensor of the remote control is perfect fine and that the real problem is the batteries.

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