Most of You Don’t Know these 10 Mysteries About Famous Icons

1. The Broken Chain at the Feet of the Statue of Liberty:

The French gave the Statue of Liberty to the USA honoring the 100th anniversary of the American Revolution. This statue is known as the symbol of democracy, freedom, and the repeal of slavery. This is the very reason why there are broken chains attached with the feet of the statue. Tourists often overlook this piece of work.


2. The Matterhorn at Disneyland:

Named and modeled after a mountain in the Alps at the Switzerland-Italy border, this is the first tubular steel continuous track roller coaster. But wait, there’s more. There’s a small attic like structure inside the very top of the mountain, used as staging, and a break arena for the climbers. There is also a basketball hoop, equipped with backboard and net, which also has a wooden staircase. The cast members and climbers used this attic to prepare themselves for long scheduled climbs and to pass some time during bad weather.


3. The Sphinx’s Original Appearance:

This is the world’s oldest statue. The statue was originally decorated with white paint. A small part behind the ears is the only fragment of it that remains today. It is believed that is also used to have a nose and a ceremonial beard. The Egyptian and British Museums have the remains of these. It is believed by some experts that the original Sphinx used must have the head of a lion or a dog, and that the human face was carved upon this later. The difference between the proportions of the large body and the small head can be explained by this.