These 10 Facts About Human Brain Shows How Incredible Our Capabilities Are

1. The brain has the tendency of reacting to each and every thought and is unable of telling a fact from a fantasy. This is one of the reasons behind those feeling happier when looking through rose-colored glasses, also a reason why placebo is accepted by our body as a real pharmaceutical product.


2. It is the emotions which cause the mental fatigue. The blood that flows through the brain follows composition during it’s active work. But for example, the bloods observes considerable changes from the veins of a man who has worked all day.


3. More than half of what you think today are the thoughts from yesterday. And that is why pessimists find it so difficult to change their perception of the world. They are more often required to literally “clean” their mind and learn to react to positive things.


4. Thoughts never take long to turn into life experiences. For an instance, if you are constantly dreaming about traveling to Paris, you won’t be able to avoid the reminders of that place. That is why it is often told to change our thoughts if we want to see a change around us.


5. There isn’t much difference difference between the brain and muscles. The brain too needs training. Fresh air workouts, learning, sound sleep, new activities, healthy eating, making notes, dancing, traveling to new places, and even playing Tetris are all essential exercises for brain.


6. The brain continues it’s hard work even while we’re asleep. As a matter of fact, the brain’s activity increases during our sleep.




7. It is necessary to “shut ourselves down” in order to give a break to our immune system, so that we do not drown into the negative thoughts. Active rest too is vital, it is the most useful form of relaxation for out brain.


8. In order to store new memories, the brain first needs to get rid of the old ones. It is certainly nice if we can decide what to remember and what to forget. This can be done by using the piece of information that we want to remember more often.


9. Our brain can react to pain, but it cannot feel the pain itself as there is a lack of necessary receptors. However, this doesn’t go for the blood, vessels, tissues, and nerves which surround our brain.