These 10 Human Body Parts Won’t Even be Found in the Future

1. The Thirteenth Rib:

Chimpanzees and Gorillas, believed to be the closest ancestors to humans are found with an extra set of ribs. Humans are supposed to have 12, but surprisingly 8% adults have one extra set.


2. The Third Eyelid:

Most of the birds and mammals had the ancestor with an extra protective membrane for the eyes and sweeping the dust out. While the human being are left only with a small fold of membrane in the eye’s inner corner. Which might not be seen in the future.


3. Toes:

It was found by the scientists that the ancestors of the humans used to walk on the mid-line of their feet, but we have evolved enough to use the big toe for the balance. New research has shown that the central point of balance is slowly moving inward. Hence it is evident that toes used to play a big part in balancing the human body while standing. Going by this trend, we might not see out toes in the future at all.