These 10 Signs Surprisingly Indicate a Totally Unique Body

1. Holes Above the Ears:

Nearly 5% people on the planet have a hole above one or both of their ears right from their birth. As a matter of fact, about 10% infants across Asia are found with this sign, whereas 1% infants in the America are born with such a characteristic. Experts have still not figured out the cause and the role of this feature. But many people believe that this might be a result of ancestral relation with fish, going by the signs of the gills.


2. The Ability to Control One Eyebrow:

It has been found that ability to raise one eyebrow defines how well a person can control the facial muscles. It has to be noted that the people who can do this are also capable of moving their ears. There is a belief among the scientists that primitively, humans had the ability to wiggle both of their eyebrows separately. This is a trait that is found in the monkeys of today. However, monkeys do it when they sense danger.


3. Dimples on the Cheeks:

Apart from adding some cuteness, this feature has some science to it. Dimples are found on 25% of the total world population. But most interestingly it is a defect, says research. Scientists call it a structural defect in the zygomatic muscle, which is largely responsible for smiling. People who are found which this feature often have the small part of this muscle attached to the cheek bone. Because of which that particular portion tends to be pulled inwards when the person is smiling. Dimples on people having chubby cheeks are easily noticeable because of the amount of fat on their face which makes the indentations appear more clear.