Top 5 Dumbest Sports In The World

1. Toe Wrestling –

In Toe Wrestling, opponents remove each other’s shoes and socks and prepare for a serious battle of the tootsies. Pin the other competitor’s toes or feet for three seconds to win. Toe Wrestling was considered for entry (and denied) to the Olympic Games in 1997. The current top dog of the game is named Paul “Toeminator” Beech. Not surprisingly, this sport was invented in a pub in the 1970s.

2. Bog Snorkeling –


Bog Snorkeling is exactly what it sounds like–swimming in filthy, stinking bog water using only flippers in a race against other contenders and against time. This event was started in the United Kingdom and boasts a World Championship held annually at the dense Waen Rhydd peat bog.


3. Dwarf Tossing –

Dwarf Tossing, also known as midget tossing, involves “little people” wearing Velcro or padding being thrown at specially-designed walls. The winner is whomever is able to toss the dwarf the furthest. For obvious reasons, this event is met with a fair amount of controversy and has been banned in several nations (but not France). As late as the 1980s, bars in Florida still allowed dwarf tossing events.



4. Ferret Legging –

No one is really clear how Ferret Legging started, but men participate in this activity by kissing a vicious ferret, dropping the ferret down their pants, and seeing how long they can endure said ferret attempting to claw his way out with his needle-like teeth. This fun and exciting game was popular in the 1900s, with the current record holder being as recent as 1980. Participants are not allowed to wear any protection, or even any underwear, during the momentous event.

4. Cheese Rolling –

Cheese rolling has become a world-famous event, earning notoriety for the injuries that contestants can sustain while running down an incredibly steep hill chasing the wheel of Double Gloucester cheese. The cheese wheel, which can reach speeds up to 112 km/h, is rarely caught as runners tumble into the spectators, but in the event someone does cross the finish line they get to keep the cheese.